"Dreams Are Made To Be Achieved™"

It was the summer of 2003. There I was, sitting in my bedroom, making beats, producing songs, writing lyrics, dreaming of the inherent joy that comes along with the high level success.

I had it all planned out. First, I would go to college! Then, get rich! So rich, I would move my mother and granny out of the hood for good in order to ultimately live in peace, prosperity and abundance! As I worked to emerge from poverty, I knew I would need a way to hold onto such intense positive emotions of enthusiasm, faith, love, desire and hope, especially considering the ease at which resistance counteracts joy at the poverty level, without remorse. How could I retain my positive focus in the midst of poverty?

Things were serious. I needed a mantra, a statement, a spiritual belief I could hold onto in times of great strife, panic, stress and fear. I knew, in order to remain focused on achieving my wildest dreams, I needed language powerful enough to fight all dark vibes. I meditated, it came: “Dreams Are Made To Be Achieved™” (#DAMTBA). To date, this self-sufficient mantra reveals the Secret & the Plan to Absolute Success. In one rhythmic, repeatable phrase, #DAMTBA harnesses the transformative power of dreamspeak, infusing it’s deep, positive frequency into the consciousness of anyone brave enough to utter it, transforming synthetic, abstract power into concrete, physical dream-energy.


Fast forward. It’s 2014. I resigned from a “good job” to walk into my purpose and pursue my life dreams. While working part time at a department store to offset bills, I began reading Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich (TAGR) for inspiration. After all, it was a great book title! Not only would this become one of the most emotionally difficult times in my life, my bills were double my income, and here I was, a scholar, and first-generation college graduate, living with my mom again in my old impoverished neighborhood, now with a Bachelor’s degree. Just a few pages into reading, I couldn’t put TAGR down! This book! I was obsessed. Reading TAGR during this tumultuous time in my life changed me forever! Over the next four years, I developed and strengthened my understanding of the Mastermind concept, ultimately creating a new idea that fit my cultural perspective: Absolute Success (AS). AS is rooted in Hill’s following 7 core Mastermind principles:

  1. Take Possession Of Your Own Mind & Define Your Purpose

  2. Burning Desire Is The Starting Point Of All Achievement

  3. Faith Is The Head Chemist Of The Mind

  4. Autosuggestion & The Law of Attraction Work Diligently For Believers

  5. Persistence Is Insurance Against Failure

  6. Fearless, Enthusiastic Pursuit Of Definite Plans of Action Yield Results

  7. Artpreneurship Is The Best Defense Against Bigotry

Martinez White




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